How to create a tag for an object

My building project involve thousands of structural components, I want to give a name to each one for the ease of searching but don’t display their name on screen.
Can I do it?

In the properties tab, you can fill in a name in the Name field. You can search for an object with a name by using the SelName command.

SelName command can highlight the desired object. For a big building project with thousands of structural member, such a highlight cannot be easily discovered on screen.
Any command can scroll / zoom the screen to the desired object, such as “find” command in Autocad.

Once you have ‘highlighted’ the object, you can just use Zoom Selected to zoom the screen to the desired object.

Is is possible to generate a text tag from this data easily?

Using the native Rhino tools, you could create annotation text or a Leader, and use the TextField to populate the text with the ObjectName as described above, but that would be one object at a time.

So yes, but that depends on how you define “easily”.

It would be wonderful to assign a variable to an object/group/block that could be accessed by text tags and the like globally. Does that makes sense as I wrote it?

Even more amazing would be to be able to access the physical attributes of the object - dimensions in x,y,z axis… area, volume…

These are typical workflows generated in Grasshopper. The large firm and project solutions in strict Rhino require scripting, like these tools made for blocks in python.

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Hi - as Rickson wrote, for an automated workflow you would typically look at Grasshopper or scripting in Rhino.

For manual work, you can use the Attribute User Text function in Rhino. When you select an object, you can add attributes/variables to that object here:

When placing text or leaders, you can retrieve these attributes with the text fields.

Rhino also has a number of in-built attributes that you can access the same way. For objects, that includes curve length, area, and volume (Rhino 7). I’ll add a YT tracker for object bounding box dimensions - RH-54019.

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