Creating notes for an object

I wish to make some notes on what method I used on an object, such that when I select that item within my model/project I can see somewhere what I did.

I see Notes command but it doesnt seem as if I can apply it to a specific item within my model.

How is this done and where is it viewed, I would like to see it in object properties.


The only thing I can think of is the Hyperlink command.
Then you could link an object to the URL of a Web page you built that carried the information you want.

As a test, I created a Google Docs document and shared it with my other email address.
I attached that URL to an object in the Rhino file.

Then I ran Hyperlink - Open, selected the object and it opened the Google doc for editing.

Hi, well I guess thats one way, but the umbilical cord is somewhat more involved there, I had hoped for something I perceive as within the project, as opposed to web pages.

I am surprised there isnt a simpler way, creating a note panel associated with a select object.

What about my non internet laptop, would it manage what you suggested ?


You can assign a “name” to an object but that would need to be pretty compact and minimal.
The name field is on the top of object Properties.

There are extensive object data tools for developers but they are not exposed as top level user commands.

Hi John,
name might suffice, whats the char limit and how does one edit the name having made it ?


Just thinking’ out loud:

How about giving each object its own layer, then using sublayers for things like construction tool geometry and notes as either text blocks or annotation dots. Then the sublayers can be turned on and off as needed, and would be individually associated with their own parts?

With the Properties panel open, select an object.
The second line says “Name”. Type what you want.
I don’t know what the character limit is but because of it’s small shape, don’t be surprised if it’s pretty limited. It’s intended for something like a manufacturer’s part number.
If you need something extensive, that’s why we made the Hyperlink tool.

If you save the object as a Block, there is an attributes/notes panel that can accept fairly verbose notes. Calling block manager allows you to recall the notes.

On that subject, does anyone know if notes made in this way get saved if the object is exported as a STEP file?

Hi John.
I Think it would be good to have the option for per-object notes. Much like an object can have material, shut lining, displacement or other attributes.
would it not be best to access it via properties and a sub.item in there like the above examples?




With the restrictions blocks give, like colour doesnt change when object moved to another layer or unable to boolean etc, I would wish to avoid adding in such restrictions.

Layers palette is v busy and the skins layer (item was a skin and method…NetSrf etc) and I was trying to avoid even more clutter. In fact I do at the moment do such, though giving the item its own layer and typing the method into layer name, which makes name too long, so I just wished for something simple , and name might suffice.

It has to work on a non internet laptop as well. Has to be carried across to another file when the object is copy pasted.


I tried for SetObjectName and as soon as I typed N it showed another command. as NetworkSrf appeared replacing my typing.

I was going to type… used NetworkSrf top-bott front -back

I was typing away merrily staring at keyb’d when the perspective view reverted to front, so it went beyond one command and into Front !

I guess object name is no use for any notes that have something similar to a command in them.


Drag & drop the attached script on top of a running Rhino 5. Then run “SetObjectNotes”.

To remove notes, run the “DeleteObjectNotes” command (macro).

ObjectNotes.rvb (1.8 KB)

Hi Dale, Cheers.
Did you make this specially for little o me ?

Where do the notes for the object display ?

I did the drag drop onto V5 when open, created a rectangle, with it selected, ran the command, typed a description with word Front in it and view stayed ok.

went object properties but nothing in that window.


I can’t try right now but have you tried running ‘SetObjectNotes’ once again?

Hi wim, that displays the panel again and with the notes for the object, so thats where we view them. :slight_smile:




I like the fact that there is a multi-line text box, allows for more than I could fit in a name, but the whole thing just needs to be more robust to be useful. There needs to be better ways to find the notes and view them. Something like “show objects with notes” that would highlight them would help. Ideally, I would like to be able to easily browse them, by invoking a mode where items with notes would be flagged, and hovering or clicking over a flag or flagged object would display the note. Commands for match note and sel objects without notes needed as well. I’d also like to be able to leave the note open while I work so I can refer to it and add to it at will, the same way the regular note panel can be left open. Linked notes that would display as a group would be handy as well.

Sometimes I create a layer just for notes, and then put text objects on it, so I can hide the clutter until I want to see it. But of course the text objects don’t move around when the associated geometry is moved, are only visible in certain views, and get obstructed as the file progresses, so a more capable notes system would be quite welcome. Your script is a great start but doesn’t add much to the version in Peter’s Tools.

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That all sounds great, but will certainly take more then 5 minutes to implement (which what it took to type up the script).

I’ve added all this to the “wish list.”

Hi Dale,
definitely onto something here :smile:
Is it necessary to drag drop that script file onto Rhino each time I start up PC etc of a day.
yesterday I had file V6 open, then did the drag drop and added notes to some objects.

Then later on I opened that filev6 onto laptop where I hadnt done the drag drop script, and saved it as V7.

Today the command wasnt in the drop down when I opened V7 onto my tower PC again.

I drag dropped it back in again.

Is it that the script travels with file, not with location of Rhino, if you see what I mean. or should the tower have that available even if the file was saved on a different PC not with the script ?


Hi Steve,

The scriptfile will register with the particular intallation of Rhino.
NOTE: the registration is based on the location of the file “ObjectNotes.rvb” so if you move that file to another folder, the linkage is lost and you need to drag and drop again.
So each computer needs to have the scriptfile at a known location and it should be drag dropped from there.

There is no link with the file, apart from the notes; the notes are “written” on the objects.