How to create a path for this maze without having deadends

Hi Team,
Firstly i would like to thank Laurent for his effort on the maze.I had a doubt about the maze on similar lines.This post was initially posted by @laurent_delrieu laurent

Please find attached grasshopper script.Where is have used ivy and parakeet plugins to create the maze.Now i need to create a defined path as shown in the png where the black line represents walls and the red line represents the path taken (12.0 KB) 16THOCT.3dm (257.5 KB)

Hello as the creator of this script I understand your question. But it will be appreciated you give credit to me! For ivy and Parakeet I understand you have the same problem. It is quite logic as we are doing perfect maze.

The solution (for the title question) must not be difficult to solve. You shall find all dead end, connect it to a path and destroy a wall.

sorry for that Laurent …yes i did find this image at one of the grasshopper forum.I am new to this forum.
How do i connect it to a path and destroy a wall? please could u help me out.

I am not on my computer now. There are 2 questions in what you ask
Suppress dead ends (for all maze tools)
Having wall in script (for ivy and Parakeet)

a question
As I suppress all my maze script on the web. Do you have my script ?

Making a maze without dead end could also be done with a different method.

No Laurent I couldn’t find a script on the web. I would be grateful if u could share me.
I hav attached an image below .This is what i am trying to do in my project.I want to create an entry an exit path.The yellow line in the image represents the path taken by a person. The black line represent the wall i need to create.i wanted to know how i can create this wall (blackline).

I will look at that this weekend.

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Here is a way of doing

I used Offset from clipper as it is very useful to thicken some curves. (12.4 KB)

And with middle wall, not too hard. Clipper is your friend :yum: (14.1 KB)


Great work Laurent! What’s the guarantee a closed path exists?

It is no more a maze. It is an offset of a maze path so it is closed. It is one way of walking a surface with a single curve. There is discussion on that.

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Wonderfull…Thanks a lot Laurent… This what i was looking for…:slight_smile:

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