Looking for a plug-in


I’m looking for a plug-in where I can do the next with:

I want to make a labyrinth where I can remove the walls, some of them are fixed some of them can move. Is it possible with a plug-in that rhino is showing every time a different “solution”.

A little bit like statistics and probability.

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my plugin linked by @Rickson is no longer available. You can can use Parakeet.

But I understand it is not what you want. For fixed and moveable walls you will have to make your own plugin. What I did was perfect maze, I advise you to use Mesh to handle the topology, it is not mandatory but to extend the Labyrinth on a surface opened or closed. An now with ngons not only limited to triangles or quads. Just imagine the edges of the mesh as wall.
Good programmation.
My last render on this subject

Thank you!
Is it also possible to make llabyrinths with it?

With what ?
If Parakeet, yes it is named Maze instead of Labyrinth

With the Parakeet plug-in. I want to make a labyrinth with fixed walls and movable walls.

20191210_maze.gh (9.4 KB) In Parakeet, walls are lines, it will be very simple to remove lines

It is very simple to remove walls. Keep somes …

But at the end if you want more control make yourself the plugin.

Thank you soo much
Sorry that I need to ask this but is the polyline offset also an other plug-in?

Yes I forgot it is Clipper

Warning it will not work on full Maze, but there are ways around.

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I have another question about this script, what if I want to work with a grid? How can I connect both of them?
Like here:

À mesh carries topology. Points not. So you can transform the points to mesh or make your own program to add topology to points …