How to create a graphic interface

I need to crate a graphic interface for my gh project, i tried human ui but i cdnt make it works.
Does someone know a alternative way, or a tutorial for human ui dummies??
tks a lot.

Human UI is definitely your best bet. Probably best to ask questions about it rather than try and find another approach.


it would be great if you could compile GH scripts with an interface into a plugin or even a phone app.

I agree, but how?

Curious, why Human UI is not working? It is the best UI for grasshopper. If you want web connectivity, I’m sure you’ve seen some of these:

Hey Amir, thanks for the infos.
Bout the human id, its not the case that it doesnt works, its just me that cdnt make it work, cause im dummie and i cdnt find any tutorials or lessons.
if u know any, please share with me, wld help me a lot.