Interacitve GUI, Human UI and Shapediver etc

Hi Guys,

I am currently reviewing options for creating a GUI for a grasshopper process. it’s a basic GUI that loads an STL places some planes and saves the result to a local path. I scoured the internet and have found some nice tutorials but I failed to find any real-world applications.

I’m sure people are using HumanUI for some real-world applications. I would appreciate it if anyone could share examples of what they have been able to achieve with this software.

Also very open to hearing about other tools which are available (I am currently also looking at shape diver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and have a great day.


It is not very clear what kind of “real-world application” you are trying to build.

Are you trying to build a tool just for yourself, to get things done faster? Or do you plan to share this application with other users? People from your team, or more widely to partners and/or customers?

Will the users of this application be technical users or should anyone be able to use it? Do you expect these users to install and open Rhino/Grasshopper as part of the workflow, or are you looking for a standalone application?

Human UI creates a GUI based on a local Grasshopper definition. It requires users to have Rhino and Grasshopper installed, to have access to the definition built using Human UI and to know some basics about CAD design since you talk about “placing some planes”.

ShapeDiver creates an online interface for a Grasshopper definition, which can be accessed by anyone through a web browser. It might be more fit for non-technical users, and easier to share with other stakeholders. On the other hand, if geometry inputs are necessary, you might need to find a good alternative using our viewer API since users will not have access to the precise CAD environment that Rhino provides. If it really is just about positioning planes, that is not an issue of course.

Hi Kevin,

I’m a user of Shape Diver’s service with my online kitesurfing kite design tool:

I have also written a matching (much more powerful) Rhino plugin in Grasshopper with a HumanUI front end:

This has around 150 parameters at last count, but seems to grow a few more every week.

There are details here of how I was able to use HumanUI and RhinoScript compiler to create a working plugin here:

An alternative to HumanUI I’m looking to explore the Synapse components which produces cross platform (Windows and MacOS) ETO based user interfaces:

Good luck with your project.