Combine or minimize script into a single node within GH

Hi there.

Working with some Grasshopper scripts to create a user interface within GH to create a parametric model within rhino to build, lets say a door. We have the scripts for producing the individual door components all well and good. We have the scripts for locating items within the door and so on. The part we are missing is making the interface within GH easy to use for our PM’s / and engineers.

We want to be able to have them use easy buttons and input values in the following way;

  • Open Rhino / GH
  • Plug in Dimensional Data for Door Frame / Leaf
  • Select certain options and such

All with a hand full of buttons.

Any options?



Try Human UI plugin.

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WOW! Thats is the bees, or in this case Grasshoppers, knees! Exactly what we need!

Thanks for the recommendation!

Do you compare engineer to an idiot?
Or assume engineers don’t get programming or scripts? I find this insulting.

No offence meant. We have some very capable engineers who have a very little to 0 knowledge or willingness to learn scripting, modeling, drafting and so on.
This is out of frustration mostly.
Like I said, no offence meant and I have modified the post to apologize.

Unfortunately, I do know a few of these…engineers.
I’d put the engineers in quotes but I’ll get a lot of hate for that. :wink:
The 0 knowledge is alright, but 0 willingness is infuriating.

My suggestion for this is: transform your GH definitions into python script (with or without NodeInCode) then put buttons in Rhino.

Have you used the Human UI plugin? Although I have only glanced at it, I think it be will extremely useful.

Thank you for the insight!

I tried the version 1 and it’s a nightmare to learn to do something useful.
I know there’s a great overhaul for version 2 making it easier to work with, but I haven’t tested it. I prefer doing the stuff on my own making a gui from GH to manipulate GH sounds there’s going to be too much waste of resourses.


There’s nothing wrong with Human UI. Just go ahead and use it.

// Rolf

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This looks very interesting. The possibility of a personalized GUI for this is a GREAT selling point for the boss! Warrants an in-depth look!