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Hi All,
We are developing some in-house Grasshopper scripts to allow our PM’s to generate parametric objects based on a set of predefined parameters and want to use Human UI to design a nice GUI for them. Is there any online tutorials or courses? The very few I have found are very limited and most are sped up video to dubstep mixes which are just crap to work from and understand.


Haha – I assume you’re talking about this:

That is a hilarious mention of the dubstep video that I made way back in the day – it was intended as silly alternate version of the release video, definitely not as a tutorial. I still remember the shock and horror from @andheum the first time I showed it to him. Speaking of which, I believe he did a tutorial series on basic HumanUI way back in the day:

It’s quite old and probably significantly out of date – not sure I’ve seen any updated courses out there on it. I know I’ve never released any… sorry I can’t be more help. Andrew might have some thoughts on this.



Yes sir that is the video. Although it is a cool visual look at what Human UI can do, doesn’t help much in trying to learn the plugin but I am a musician and a little grooving while working is appreciated!
Are you part of the team that put Human UI together?
Why are there not many online tutorials?
Its a great plugin and from what i can tell will be an extremely powerful tool for our purposes.


Hi Dan - I suppose that the question at hand is what is missing in Andrew’s tutorial video? That clearly mentions all the required components that one should use in any Human UI definition.

Apart from that, there’s an important rule: Don’t hook the output of a value listener into the input of a “Create” component:

If you are getting stuck with something specific, please post the *.gh file and I’m sure that people will be able to help.

Yes, I have to check out Andrews video more in-depth and coordinate that with one of our GH scripts. Just takes time, and there will be bumps and questions but its do able. I guess the other side of things with the requiring tutorials is to fill in any blanks (questions) we might have prior to asking on the forums, the other thing is time. My time is split quite rapidly between “fires” so its hard to work consistently on something outside of my own time and the tutorials help that when I’m at home.



Hi Dan –

Yes, Andrew Heumann and I developed HumanUI when we were leading the Design Computation team at NBBJ, as part of a larger strategy for scalable deployment of Grasshopper tools. Andrew did all of the rockstar coding in the early days, and I was acting as product manager – field testing, UI/UX feedback (of the components themselves), helping to prioritize features, provoking conversations on GH component architecture, building out complete interfaces to be rolled out on projects, with clients, etc, generally pushing the boundaries in real project environments to drive product development. I was also the guy that made the roll-out videos, including the dubstep remix. :slight_smile:

When Andrew left NBBJ we saw an opportunity to open source the code base and it has developed significantly since then. I became more active in the coding side of HumanUI because I needed to push it for my own work and Andrew had other priorities at WeWork (and beyond). I’ve contributed much of my dev work back to the OS repository (not all of them merged), but I also maintain my own private fork with additional features and functionality that I have built out for specific purposes.

Why is there not much tutorial material out there? Good question. I guess neither of us have time and nobody has picked up the torch. Or maybe because Andrew and I stay tuned to the forums and answer questions pretty quickly, so nobody has seen the need yet. As Wim has noted, feel free to post when you have questions – we’re here!


NOTE: Also must shout out to our co-leader at the time, Nate Holland, who contributed the Charts + Graphs to the initial release of HumanUI!

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Cheers sir!
Great job by the way, cause by the looks of it Human UI will push our capabilities pretty far in both as a fabrication shop but also a Dubstepping night club spot :laughing:! We will definitely be hitting the forum soon though, so a preemptive thank you is in order.
If you make any more videos try working in some Squarepusher, or Thundercat, or Aphextwin maybe!


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Hi, so i will ask this question of Human UI. What would be the process to make the Human UI an XTML or an HTML interface to be hosted on our local server? Is there a away? If not then what would be the formats available?


no, this is not possible. Human UI is only intended to run locally on a desktop windows machine. If you want to publish a grasshopper definition on the web with a interactive sliders, consider Shapediver or TT Swarm.

Hi @marcsyp,
Is it possible to modify the window element appearence (accent color, edge control, title font) in some way?
Thank you

see my reply in your other thread