How to create a door?

Hello! I am new to Rhino inside Revit, so my question is a bit silly. But I do not see the way to create doors or windows using grasshopper like in the previous version of rhino inside, or like we do this in grasshopper archicad bridge.

Not silly at all, adding Hosted elements isn’t well covered in the Guide.

In the example below we are using the Add Component Location to host a door in a wall. (10.9 KB)

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Hello! I have another question on the Doors category.
Do you know how to change the parameters “Hand” and “Facing” when you create a Door?
I tried to use the component Get/Set “Element Location”. The Get is clear, and it provides info about the door orientation, but I struggle to implement the “Set” part.
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You are looking for the Flip component.

Brilliant. Thanks a lot!