How to convert text to on_brep or on_curve


how to convert CRhinoAnnotationText to on_brep or on_curve?

I need using rhino’s text object in my app.
because my app using rhino just as a server,I need draw the text object myself.
so I need convert it to on_brep or on_curve.


I find a textobject command
I need a c++ class has the corresponding feature.
and can a function get the curves or surfaces indicating the text


can anybody help me?

(Dale Fugier) #4

The Rhino SDK does not contain a function to create curves or surfaces from a string of text like the TextObject command does. All I can suggest is that you script the TextObject command.

Does this help?


Thanks , This is very helpful for me.


I thy to you script the TextObject command.
but faild.

I can’t see the TextObject dialog.

can you give me a example?

(Dale Fugier) #8

Is your command class derived from CRhinoScriptCommand?


I chang my class derived from CRhinoScriptCommand,and can see the textobject dialog now
but this is just a test command.
my actual App using rhino just as a server,and rhino running in the background.
so how can I let the textobject dialog display but the rhino’s main window not display.


anyboday help me?

(Brian Gillespie) #11

All of the dialog boxes that Rhino displays are children of the Rhino main window. If a parent window is hidden, all the child dialogs are also hidden. This is just how Windows works, and there’s not an easy way around it.

Can you tell me more about what you’re expecting to do with your application? Does it make more sense to re-brand Rhino’s User Interface - change the title bar and splash screen - so that the Rhino main frame is visible? When you do this, you can choose to hide all the toolbars, command prompt - and leave only the viewports visible.


thanks very much.
I am wrting a app which User Interface is must customed at all
so maybe I think I should creat the 3d font myself using other ways.