How to convert several meshes into one mesh

Hello everyone,

I created a window frame and inside 3D window glasses. When I convert it into a mesh form, it has several meshes (19 meshes). Frame is reflective plastic, and there are 16 pieces of glasses.

I would like it to be one single mesh. Is it possible? I searched it but couldn’t find it.

Thank you in advance.

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Pinar Aksu

Join command.
If it is only for visualization it will work.

When I use join command, I lose the glass material. It becomes all white reflective.

Then you need to join mesh of glasses and mesh of frames. You will have two separate objects.

I assume that you have a lot of objects like this. You can select by size to select first windows glass.

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Hi Pinar - you can Group but not Join them if you want to keep separate materials; what you can do is join all of the glass panels from all windows into one mesh and all the frames into another.


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Thank you so much.

One last question: I grouped one window units all together (frame and glasses), but when I convert them into meshes, they are not grouped anymore. I need to group them again one by one. Is it a shortcut for this?



Hi Pinar - if you mesh all at once, SelLast Group.


Each window is grouped into itself:

I chose all of them and ExtractRenderMesh.

And then SelLast

then group.
But all the windows are grouped together then.

Could you give me a little bit more explanation?-



No… if that is how things are arranged, then I do not see a clean way out - if the window panes are simple planes, then, maybe:

SelPlanarSrf ExtractRenderMesh SelNone SelLast Group (or Join)

Hide the meshes

SelplanarSrf > Invert > ExtractRenderMesh > SelNone > SelLast > Group


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