Explode in reverse

After using the Explode command, what is the correct command to use to put everything back together again when it is too late to use the Undo function?


If its a block you can reinsert.

Join, as Rickson mentions, (You can pre-select) but if you’re dealing with polysurfaces, keep the ExtractSrf command in mind - it can save a lot of Joining later if you only need to get at some and not all of the faces.


I’m trying to make a multi-surface component that can be exported as a *.dae file and uploaded into Second Life. For some reason, SL only recognizes one surface of the component which prevents me from animating the component according to its individual faces. Any ideas as to how I might combine the surfaces in Rhino? Leaving them as separate surfaces does not work.

Hello - I have no idea about SL… does it want surfaces or meshes? Generally there is not a way to make a single surface from multiples, but you can combine multiple meshes into one.


SL needs meshes. How would I combine multiple meshes?

With the Join command you can join meshes, even if they are disjoint.

Thanks Willem,
I tried that, but unfortunately it doesn’t help when I transfer the object into Second Life.

I need to have 8 inter-related mesh faces, and Second Life needs to be able to identify every face by a specific face-number so that I can animate my object.

This is a lot:
Create the 8 faces separately then join one by one in order.
Maybe … Just maybe the order will remain intact…

I use to had similar problem exporting nurb surfaces as meshes for sculpting. The solution I found was to convert the surfaces to meshes inside rhino, select all vertices and use the command WeldVertices, then export as single mesh normally.