How to convert scanned open mesh to one single surface

Hello everyone,
i have trying to automate a scanned hand mesh which is little kinky to workable single surface not a poly surface…i have tried using subd to convert them to polysulfate .But is
My ultimate aim is to build a ribbon around the naked edge for 2.5 to 25mm.and any pattern design inside them…image attached.

the ultimate aim to convert them into single surface…
ROMA ARM (857.0 KB)
in this the first part of the script contains three mesh which should be turned to surface…
Please let me know any ideas…
Thanks in advance

Why do you need a single surface? That seems like quite a rigerous requirement.


Hi @scottd,
Thanks for a reply.
we are trying to build a configurator using shape diver,a customized 3d printable prosthesis at the end with scanned meshes.
And to answer your question,if i can get a single surface
1.i can easily get a uniform offset from the naked edges to make the connectors.(very important we want it to be uniform and precise in dimension)
2. I will get the flexibility to play with different patterns like say voronoi
Please correct me, if I miss anything.

Something like.

This example may help you. Otherwise it is fun to watch.

Thanks @tay.othman
yeah,i tried it…But this is more clean than i didnt get a clean result like in this vedio…
And also i want it to be automated in GH itself without any manual intervention.
Thanks again

I get your point now, I opened your file and I see NO WAY to convert your meshes to a single surface. I tried subd, but this doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to offsetting in GH.

I like your approach working with meshes, I think this is the way to go, have you thought about using Pufferfish for offsetting and or tweening?

Yeah i am glad you tried it…
thanks tay. i havent tried tweening…may it might help me…
But it would be great if i can get a clean surface or atleast clean offset…thats our ultimate goal to make this automation efficient further…
Thanks again @tay.othman

I really appreciate the effort you placed into your design problem, I tried to set up a Voronoi system. it is not that accurate but I don’t think anybody would care about how accurate their Voronoi is.

ROMA ARM (854.2 KB)

I understand that you are looking into a solution that flips patterns based on specific requirements. It can be a tesselation item and It can be done with meshes, just need some extra research.

Hi @tay.othman
really thanks for taking time to help me in this.
i see your script it really helps me to look a different approach towards voronoi in mesh…
But i have to check reduce the compute time as low as possible…i think that is doable
Really thanks tay…
I will have been trying diferent methods for that surface.If i find any i will post it here…

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I’m very interested. And good luck.