Mesh to Single surface

Any way at all to convert a Mesh to Single Surface?

Some precisioun could be loss.

Convert Mesh to (300.0 KB)

See if this helps… I’ve been using this trick on projects involving reverse engineering and flowing patterns. Mind you it won’t work in all cases but it can be used with referenced Breps or a mesh like we have here. You’ll need to trim the holes manually or in the def. Convert Mesh to (305.7 KB)

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Nope. I have to keep it radial. But the more flat part of the mesh is well done and it will serve me a very good job for a ceratin kind of projection. So thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Ah, that detail was important. I don’t think that would be possible given the two holes… maybe I’m wrong.

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What if I split it into two simetrical parts?

If you made each half as it’s own surface the mirror line with it’s sharp corners won’t make things easy. NetworkSrf or RailRevolve for instance won’t be able to keep the two sharp corners on each half. If that juncture if also important, I’d construct each half as a polysurface but that gets you even further away from your initial question here of making a single surface.

What’s you actual end goal for the geometry?

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  1. To do FlowOverSrf for objects or letters. With your solution at this point this is achievable for the more flat areas of the doubly curved surface.
  2. To draw Geodesic lines. (I was shown a way to do something close over a mesh via Kangaroo, however there are certain distortions).
  3. To show Mean/Gaussian curvature (Even though I have two ways to do it for a Mesh).

That’s just to name a few things which are useful.

Or if there are good ways to do these operations for a Mesh… even better :slight_smile: