How to convert points to a nice smooth line?

I finally got my digitalizer pen to work and recorded this here cushion. How would I, as quickly as possible, take those points and make nice smooth lines and then quickly delete the points? Speed is the key. I don’t want a spline look with the lines being wavy.

You can use what you have as a reference. Depending on which surfacing tools you use. A photo of how you expect it to look finished helps also. Build your curves with the least amount of points it takes to get as close as you need.—-Mark
One other thing is if you can upload the points to the forum(if your able)then I bet someone will be able to make some curves.

Thanks Mark, so its still a manual operation? There is no way in Rhino to do it at a click of a button correct?

I think I don’t know enough to give you a complete answer.I do know there is no one click solutions with any of Rhino’s commands. That is why, if you can provide your points and an outcome of what you want (picture) being a seat, you could get some feedback at the forum.
Perhaps even subdivision modeling is an option. Maybe that helps—-Mark

CurveThroughPt is the command you are looking for.

there is no sampling, and it will likely make a more complex curve than you are looking for.

selpt will select your points (delete will delete them)

rebuild will give you control over sampling the curve and making it smoother.

to do this button click, you can make an alias with all those command strung together and assigned to a button.

see the level 2 manual (chapter 3 customizing the rhino UI) for a detailed explanation how to do that-

CurveThroughPt with Degree=1 and Knots=Chord
FitCrv with Degree=3 (or as desired) with desired tolerance and desired angle for kinks. Experimenting with tolerances may be useful.
If desired repeat FitCrv to simplify the curve.

PointDeviaiton is useful for checking deviation of the curves from the input points.

CurveThroughPt or InterpCrv are likely to produce wavy curves when used with many input points. That is the nature of interpolating with splines and the waviness is worse as the curve degree increases. This is the opposite of the behavior with control points.

Rebuild does not give control over sampling the curve beyond implicitly allowing specification of how many points are to be sampled.

Rather than deleting the points you may want to put the points on a separate layer and just turn that layer off. Then the input points will be available for reference if there is a problem or something doesn’t look right.