How do I make this line run through these points? (what I did step by step)

I have written out step by step what I did on this screen shot to make things more clear. Please let me know if I need to add something. Thank you so much.

If I just tell it to make a crv through the pts, this is what happens:

try with CrvOnSrf

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You’re a life saver:)

Do you happen to know if it’s possible to copy weird things like this in rhino?

yes with loft or sweep if you include the end curves

hmmm… that looks simple if it does not have to be a specific size/bends… but how do you know where to place these lines so it’s the same?

basically, just moving points. if you have the object, you can take several measurement and that’s it.

Normally what I would do is take a photo fo it from above, fit both of the red lines flat on a photo, then grab the ends of the lines and move them up to 8" above the ground level. However, from what I can tell, rhino won’t do that. When I turn on pts, no matter how simple the shape is, there are a bunch of pts. When I start lifting one, everything gets all wonky.
Would you mind sending me that file so that I can take a look at what you did exactly?

you need to use the rebuild command, once you got the surface by sweep2 or loft or whatever, rebuild it with lower cp count. or remove some knots. I can’t send the file because I didn’t save it haha.

Ok, wanted to have something to show… this is how far I got, and it looks SUPER wrong…
what am I missing?
stair_1_oct5.3dm (2.8 MB)

Also, here is where that white piece fits. It’s what the rail sits on:

And here are 2d drawings:
railing.3dm (4.8 MB)

doesn’t look so bad. rebuild the surface with 8 cp in U and 2 in V and then move the middle points a bit up