Curve through points creates new curve with far too many points

Hi, Wishing to create a refined more point frugal curve, using curve through points generated a curve festooned with points, I went from maybe 7 to 70 !

What is the command to now refine this and use as few points as possible to create the same curve.

cannot for the life of me remember the command

RefineCurve ?

wish one could type curve and see all the curve related commands as a memory prompt !


Hi Steve - please post the points and the settings you used in the command, I’ll take a look.


Hi Pascal, attached settings and also model.
I had imported an EOS Photomodeler Photogrammetry prog) curve and wished to redraw it refine it take out any slight irregularities and use far less points.
I turned on control points, selected the line then went and right clicked on the curve draw tool which is the curve through points option.

see purple layer that results.

I need to refine and make as if drawn using curve tools, imports from this prog, tracing photos can produce some wriggly curves which generally speaking follow the object edge traced, but are usually not planar. I create a surface through the curve then create a cplane to that surface then project the curve to the surface/ Cplane then wish to redraw the curve and make good as per curvature graph etc.


Curve through points doesmt simplify overuse of points.3dm (32.3 KB)

Hi Steve - think you’ll save time and get better results just drawing a new, simple control point curve and tweak the points to get it close


However I still struggle with the Rhino type control points and the dashed lines compared to the handles I was familiar with in Freehand years ago. I could with these Bezier handles match perfectly any curves, placing three per S bend, start middle and end of an S. Turn on the curve graph and I am unable to drag the control points with sudden too much changes to the graph, so I nudge with shift and arrows/keypad, but up down left right is not same as an angled drag I wish to do.

To reach for a tool and have it create a decent curve through a photogrammetry curve is my aim, quick and easy. I tried placing points along the curve in places I could see the curve was a decent shape, then curve through point on that, but didnt fare well.


FitCurve or RebuildCrvNonuniform are both useful.

If you are starting with a set of points try this method:

CurveThroughPt with degree 1 to create a polyline.
FitCrv to the polyline.

From FitCrv help
When the input to the FitCrv command is a polyline, the FitCrv command treats the polyline vertices as a list of points, and it tries to compute a curve that goes near the points but has a reasonable number of control points. The FitCrv command is meant for polylines with many closely spaced points.

Thanks David.