How to control the orientation of a perpendicular frames along a curve

Hey everybody. I`m very new using Grasshopper and rhino so I would appreciate your support and help on this question.
I need to make a rectangle following a group of lines projected on a surface. This rectangle shape is created based on a specific size of splits I did by multiplying a domain.
What is happening right now is that the perpendicular frames I created are making the splits not flat to the surface. I will send pictures to explain.

Can you guys help me orient it to be flat with the surface under it? I thank you a lot for the support.
The current layer were the referenced lines are in the Rhino model is “00_NEW_curves_splits”.
The grasshopper script that controls it is in the file highlighted with a red box (16.4 KB)

Try analyzing the surface (Evaluate Surf is the name I think) at the point of each of your curve perp planes (Use surface closest point for uv positions) and align your planes (Align Plane) to the surface normal at those points.

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Found a couple minutes this morning to do this. Simply added what I said. Let me know if it does what you want. Looked good to me.