Align objects perpendicular to curve

Hi everyone,

So I created a script that allows me to explode a cruve into segment and then divide these segments with a specific number of points drive by a lenght paramter. From the points, I’ve been able to extrude rectangles perpendicularly to the base curve.

But ! I’ve create a block inside Rhino which I’d like to copy on each point along the curve but I am unable to orient the blocks perpendicularly to the curve (see screenshot).
I think I’m pretty close to acheive it but I kinda miss something.

Any help would be appreciate !

Thanks ! (30.0 KB)
GH_Script Panels-Mullions_20240401.3dm (13.4 MB)

use your curve, extract the tangent (rotated 90 degrees if necessary) to orient your geometry



I don’t fully understand your code but it looks like you don’t understand how Orient works. No need to move geometry before using it, just supply ‘Source’ (A) and ‘Target’ (B) planes and it does both; moves and orients the geometry. (25.9 KB)

Thank you Joseph!

You’re right, I didn’t know ‘Orient’ both moves and orients…Seems like ‘Move’ AND ‘Orient’ just multiply everything.

About the screenshot of EleFront, I tried to move and orient a Rhino block but it seems that GrassHopper can’t recognized block as geometry or brep. So I had to explode it and make it as a block in GrassHopper using that plugin.

They copy geometry when moving, leaving the original in place.

I don’t know about blocks. Group has always worked for me.

P.S. It looks to me like the ‘Source’ (A) plane for Orient can be the same one used by Scale NU:

GH_Crv-Split-Panels_2024Apr1b (34.3 KB)

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