Lofting rectangles in line direction and orientation

hello, im working on a mass timber bridge design with a y-frame structure.
I have the rhino curves and grasshopper set to connect at the desired points. But what im haveing difficulty with at the moment is figuring out how to loft a rectangular box in the orientation (marker 2) of the line. and have the rectangle center of the lines in points 1 and starting at the top edge on marker 3

hope this makes sense. any help would be appreciated.
curved connections for (12.1 KB)
bridge design.3dm (3.9 MB)

okay im getting closer to what im looking for. now i need to figure out how to make the orientation parallel to the curve.

bridge design.3dm (3.9 MB)
curved connections for (18.6 KB)

not necessarily :slight_smile:

Are you able to model manually one section that shows what you’re trying to model parametrically?

Are these supposed to be separate like you’ve sketched them:

Also, your connectivity produces a ‘Y’ that’s not planar - is this what you want or should you actually end up with a planar ‘triangle’?

this would be an attempt for a structure in one plane with the possebilty to shorten the non horizontal members like showen in your sketch. i hope the notes in the group help comprehending this script and it gives the seeked for solution.

one tip if you rigth click the curve input container you can click “internalise data” the curves will be saved in the script it self so there is no need to uploade and download a rhino model :slight_smile:

curved connections for (26.2 KB)