How to context bake mesh with color

I would like to bake using context bake with colored mesh. Is it possible ?
Thanks in advance

Like This?It can be run from Grasshopper Player. (8.4 KB)

Hello Masaki,
Thanks for your reply !
When i try to run your .gh with grasshopper player i don’t have color :frowning:
Only when Grasshopper is opened colors are displayed.

yes i have same result and there is no color…

If the color does not appear even when shaded, there may be a problem with your PC environment.

Can you upload the results of the SystemInfo command?

Hi again,
Thanks again for your help.
Here is what happened with your .gh when i load in Rhino with systeminfo :

info.txt (2.5 KB)

I’m sorry. I do not understand what you are saying.

Click on Shaded and it is normal Rhino behavior because the colors are showing.

Thanks for your help !
I feel so stupid now … Thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:

I have an extra question if you answer me or redirect me. I would like to save the context bake in a new layer to be created. Is it possible ?
Thanks again !

I have previously written a similar wish.
I think it isn’t possible even at this time.

Let’s pray for that !
Thanks for your kind answer