Context Bake with Grasshopper Player

Hey all,

See Image 1 for my very uncomplicated script.

I’m having an issue with the “Context Bake” node. If I bake elements from the node’s context menu while editing the script, I get all geometry from an active Revit view and each object is assigned to a layer (see Video 1). If I use the script with Grasshopper Player, I end up with a very short partial list of geometries and layers (see Video 2).

Does anyone have an idea as to why these bake functions perform differently? Is there some setting I need to change for Grasshopper Player? Sorry if this question has been answered before, having trouble finding an answer online.

Hi Holden,

Try this method, requires the legacy Elefront.

The GH player bake node isn’t behaving for me properly either, there may be elements collected by Query View Elements that trip it up.
test Gh Player (5.9 KB)

Elefront 4.3.0 (Rhino V6)


Awesome I’ll take a look at Elefront. Any idea if a solution will be implemented for the context bake node? Looking to implement the full script firm-wide. I like to avoid 3rd party plugins when possible (saves with headaches of installs and updates, etc).

Totally understand and it’s in the works.

Rhino.Inside.Revit is going to require its own set of Player components, ones that get Revit elements for instance.

Here’s a no plugin way that is really simple, but it doesn’t work via Grasshopper player.

test Gh Player Bake (4.2 KB)

Note that when creating a Geometry Cache component it requires you to right click and give it a name. The will allow it to delete the previous geometry version.

Does anybody figure out how to bake objects in different layers with the “Context Bake” command?


Hi @Holden_Rasmussen,

This is fixed on v1.10 now and the fix will be available on v1.9 when released.