How to connect two surfaces

Hi, I’m new here, I’m trying to model the famous lamp Dalù by Vico Magistretti, and I would like to know how to connect this two hollow spheres.
This is where I’m right now. I was only able to overlap the two spheres.

This should be the final result.
Or also something like this. Any ideas?

here is my attemptsphere to forum.3dm (778.0 KB) —Mark
I used a plug in called xnurbs to help in what I did.

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I would make a Sweep2 between the spheres like this:

using few BlendCrv on the ends and the middle as cross sections


Diego, would you have thickened both sides to get the desired thickness?
Much simpler than my attempt.-Mark

hi, yes I used OffsetSrf once joined the 3 surfaces

Hi @giulia.antolini21
You can also use subd
Command: _Bridge
Command: OffsetSubD


Thank you all! You were very helpful!

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