How to join these surfaces

Hi, i would like to know how to join these 2 surfaces of this front hull boat 27

what are the steps to follow ? thanks

Hi Emile - do you mean Join as in Rhino’s join command or ‘bridge across’ a gap so that the edges match? As I see it so far, you’re asking how to build a transition there - the smaller surface(s) between the larger ones above and below. Please post a file…


yes i m talking about transition
Here it is
WALLY 118.3dm (4.2 MB)

thanks you


_MergeSrf seems to do a good job here:


thanks for you answer; but i think i it is less obvious than that
have a look with zebra analyse :


You could try with variableoffsetsrf - keeping tangency on one side. Then after - edit the non tangent side to your wish.

Hi Emile - you have multiple surfaces coming together at all angles, none smoothly, here:

If that is not what you intend, I’d fix that first - what do you intend there? Smooth along all edges?

Without knowing a bit more, I’m just guessing, but an arrangement something like what is in this file may do-

WALLY 118_PG.3dm (439.4 KB)


Hi Pascal, thanks for you answer.

I would like to do a transition of the both part on the top to have like only one part.

the problem is the difference of shadow bitween this little part (front off the hull) and the rest of the part

thanks you