How to connect two curves with the same radius?

Hello there! Is there a way to connect two curves to keep the radius consistent? All options I have tried out led to a different radius than the existing one of the other two curves.

Thank you very much for your support and help, it is much appreciated!

use the BlendCrv command to add the missing segment by selecting two ends of curves or… redraw the matching circle (Osnap ON) and manually trim the excess curve segment outside the region of interest (ROI). You can also try Arc command or use ExtendCrv command. Try. Hope it helps. Ilja

Try ArcBlend for a different result.

Do you want to have the connecting arc tangent to the two planar input curves? If so connecting with the an arc of the same radius as the input curves is only possible geometrically if the two input curves lie on the same circle.

You can extend an arc using Extend with Type=Arc.