Simplify compound curve to segments of consistent radius

Is there a command which will break a 2d curve of continuously changing radius into a best-fit series of arcs (each of which has a consistent radius along its length) joined at their tangent points, according to parameters chosen by the user?

Hello - Convert with output set to Arcs.


Thankyou Pascal. I tried every extreme combination of that command I could. The best I could do on the blue curve are the three selected curves in the middle (image below). Is that par for the course?

The last selected curve on the far right is the only one I can use (these are arches in the construction of a room) but I didn’t use convert, I created it using a series of three circles using 3 points in tangent mode and then trimming the overage.

Hello - if you want to do it ‘by hand’ try Arc > 3Point and then Extend > Type=Arc > ToPoint.