Blend with a certain radius?

Hello Community,

Is there a command or plugin which allows me to blend a Curve with a certain radius and variable starting points? It should connect two Curves like a blend, but looking more like a Fillet with Curvature Continuity (G2). I know this funktion from Icem Surf and I really miss it. Right now, I’m drawing a tangential circle and then I try to fit my blendcurve to it.

Does arcBlend do what you want?

hey thanks for the fast reply. No because arcblend only does tangency matching. what I mean, creates a fillet, offsets a bit from the intersectionpoint and blends the endpoints of the arc. So its like a arcblend with nice and smooth curvature

I think making a fillet and then making a separate G2 lead-in at each end of the fillet with BlendCrv is the way here.


thanks,doing it manually is really annoying. i did this way for an grasshopper component but i could not calculate the perfekt endpoints of the arc, so that there is perfect smoothness. anyway thanks for help. if somebody knows a plugin or grasshopper component let me know. the simple

drawing picture shows the basic problem.