Fillet/connect corners

Is there a way to connect multiple curves with one command by just extending the existing curves with no radius.
Now I have to repeat filletcurves every corner.
The curves for now are only arc’s and straight lines.

multifillet.3dm (32.5 KB)

yes, Filletcorners command will fillet and entire polycurve by a specified value, connect command will connect disjointed curves together.

Hi Edward - use the Connect command for this. One pair at a time, however.
Oh. What Kyle said.


but I want all 12 corners to connect or fillet with one command and not one at a time.

fillet corners does this, connect is 1 at a time.

if the curves overlap, you can curve boolean with inputs set to delete all.

you could make an alias or script that does a curve boolean then filletcorners the result.

they don’t overlap,

Yep, classic problem. Main problem is detecting which ends should be connected to which other ends. In your illustration above, it’s fairly obvious, but there are a lot of ambiguous situations where this can also fail - which is why we don’t have a prepackaged solution I guess…

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So for now extend all curves and curve boolean?
I saw a few scripts for extend curves with a distance settings, wich is the one for me in this case?


If all corners should have the same radius you could also do one set and then mirror it two times.

Here is one at least… (807 Bytes)

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Super, I am happy with it