How to connect these two Line SDL to Join Curves?

Hey! I am trying to rebuild this tutorial

But there are two mistakes I don’t know how to solve. First how to connect the two lines and second how to apply the *0,5 multiplier to the pFrame. I attached also a screenshot of what I built. Thank you for your help!

To connect multiple outputs to one input, hold shift when connecting.

double click on the grasshopper canvas and:

  • start typing the word: panel (*0.5 will work, you just get a perpendicular frame a t=0.5)
  • OR type 0.5 to get a slider with the value\
  • OR use the ribbon: Params > Input > select panel

Thank you! It worked! Now I wanted to apply a material and created on an “set it” in grasshopper but the red “layer” or “lines” won’t go away in rhino. How can I fix this?

Hi Paul -

I’m afraid I don’t understand this.
If you want to apply a material in Grasshopper, you need to use a Custom Preview component and either reference a material from the Rhino document or create one in Grasshopper. If you want to apply a material in Rhino, you need to first bake the Grasshopper geometry.
Please always post your *.gh file and make sure that all reference Rhino geometry is internalized.

Does it help if you unable preview geometry in Grasshopper? I don’t know if Grasshopper on MacOS has a similar UI as on Windows; but the icon looks this.

Pavilion.3dm (10.5 MB)

I still have the red lines :confused:

Hi Paul -

When I open the file you just posted, I see this:

I’m not sure what I need to do to see any red lines.
I’m trying to understand what you are doing but need more information.

Pavilion.3dm (18.0 MB)
Hey! Sorry that was an older file. Now I applied a steel material and still got the green lines above it. Is it possible to remove them in order to only see the steel structure like it would be in reality? Also there are still red lines in the lower part of my structure.
Sorry for explaining it quit complicated but I have never used Rhino before. Thank you so much.

Hi Paul -

When I open this newer file, I see this:

It sounds like you still have Grasshopper open and that is interfering with the display in the Rhino viewports. When you have baked geometry from Grasshopper, you are basically done with it and can just close it.

Apart from that, a few notes:
As you see in the picture above, the current display mode of that viewport is set to “Arctic”. This display mode won’t show you any materials. To preview materials, you need to set the viewport to “Rendered” or, perhaps, “Raytraced”.

It appears that you have baked the Grasshopper geometry several times and you have identical geometry overlapping itself in Rhino. This will likely cause issues when rendering.

Running SelDup and Delete will delete 255 objects.

Your baked objects are all on the layer called Standard and there is no material assigned to that layer.

Having deleted duplicates and putting the viewport in the Rendered display mode, it looks like you have assigned a few different materials to the objects.

The transparent looking objects have the “Glass” material applied:

And, as far as I can tell, the rest is set to use the layer material, which is just the default white.

There are only two materials in your file but “Metall” is not being used by any object.

After closing Grasshopper, I would delete the duplicate objects, select them all, and set the material to use the layer material:

Then use the circle in the layer panel to set the material to use the “Metall” material.