How to connect points to a surface

Hello, we are using rhino and grasshopper to model a tensil membrane. It is tensed by differents points on the edges of the surface and by multiple points in the middle of it.
When we are drawing the surface and the points, it seems like they are touching but when we connect it to the grasshopper and we run the program only one or two points are connected, the ones on the extremities.

Here are some pictures of the structure that we are trying to model.

Thank you in advance !

In general the mesh needs to have a vertex where there’s an anchor.

That’s an elementary task using K2 (the most important GH add-on by a HUGE margin). Start from a flat Mesh, define anchors, cables (and their spring force), naked/clothed Mesh edges spring forces, maybe some Unary Force as well (gravity) and then relax.

In general for an artistic installation of that type … a Method is required for defining on the fly Mesh vertices for the cables PLUS keeping track of the already defined variations (i.e. some sort of history). But that’s impossible without code (has to do with swapping volatile/persistent data on a per code execution basis).

Also without code is rather hard to do the cables (simple [explicit to anchor] or complex [implicit to anchor(s)] cable combos): from their start (red) to the relaxed pos (green) like in these examples:

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