How to connect At-tractor points to Geometry


(Asgunsas) #1

Hi, I wish u can help me …

How to connect At-tractor points to Geometry


S. El Adawy


(Asgunsas) #3 (21.6 KB)
Can anyone help me ???

(Asgunsas) #4

I have at-tractor control on group of at-tractors , I want them to effect on a geometry… As geometry be spread more when group of attractors be powerful …

(Laurent Delrieu) #5

There is no geometry in your file. But with a geometry I don’t know if it will become clearer. There are tons of example with attractor. Did you seek on old grasshopper forum ?

(Asgunsas) #6

u can do any geometry … in the file … Please I want solution for it

(Laurent Delrieu) #7

You need to explain a bit more what you want. Have you some examples, images ? Attractor will scale, rotate, deform geometry …
I want I need are not specifications.
If you have problem with english a drawing will be helpfull.