Using attractor point to manipulate geometry

Hi, I have some geometry based on the Lincoln park zoo pavilion. I’m trying to use an attractor point to alter the size of the openings so it can be used a ceiling lighting feature. Where the attractor point is closer, I want the openings to be larger so more light escapes.

These images kind of show what im trying to achieve (the geometry, not grasshopper definition). Here i simply constructed a shape, used flowalongsrf, scaled the shapes with an attractor point and then boolean differenced to cut from surface. This works as you can see, but i’m trying to develop it all into grasshopper, like the definition attached, where it’s much easier to tweak parts. Any help appreciated! Thanks.

roof geometry.3dm (80.8 KB) roof (22.3 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

roof (17.2 KB)


Thanks for your help, this definition is much easier to work with. I simply inverted the effect of the attractor point by adding an expression into the scale factor of 1-x, so the closer it is the larger the openings. Now i’m trying to split the geometry into separate pieces to show how something like this may be put together. Sort of like this image with smoother curves.