How to connect adjacent edges of two angled panels, which are composed bumpy geometric pattern

Hi, All
I am now succeeded in transfering geometry shape onto panels by use the way showed below, which is rotate panel along its edge to get a new position.

The problem I meet now is when rotate, there are always gaps between panels. Could anyone give me some hints about this? Some relevant tutorial is fine
From this To
But obvious gap can be seen.

Hi, Fred
Thanks for your suggestion!
I will make my problem more clearly described

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Hi @Flora,

One solution would be to make the panels oversize and trim back the patterns with planes bisecting each pair of panels at the desired boundary. You will also have to introduce some infill to deal with non-adjacent rib edges.

But if this is intended for construction you might want to think about the practicalities of making a structure where you have joins that don’t coincide with the ribs. Adjusting the geometry to make them coincide could reduce building costs.


Hi, Jeremy.
Thanks for your reply !
I think the point you mentioned is exactly what I need to solve, I am trying to find out some resource to let me get to the right command to realize this step.

For construction , also thanks for your remind!. It is exactly one main part of my building, I think further step is to make a structure system to support it, and also to distinguish the transom,mullion and glass panels system.

All in all, thank for your reply :grinning:

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After searching topics like mine, I think this may help my problem, so want to share with others :slight_smile: