Spacing between panels

I needed to be able to make panels with a space in between them like the attached image. I am not sure the best way

random tiled panel w (20.1 KB) to do this?

Panelingtools using a “brick” pattern.

The spaces as not really spaces but panels that are a different material.

Look up doing a brick pattern with paneling tools.

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I used Lunchbox in grasshopper. I can see the spacing or “gap” as 2d when I offset the curve from the initial division, but, I cant figure out a way to have only the panels with a gap in between (right now they’re overlapping and by workaround is just splitting them with each other to create the gap.

They are not pre-defined like in the Rhino side, but you can easily achieve these patterns, and more.
Please review pages 79-80 in the PT-GH manual…

would you know how I could achieve this in Lunchbox? Paneling tools is giving me errors when I’m pluging things in.

@surchek3 can you share a file so I can look into the error?

random tiled panel w (10.4 KB)

@surchek3 I’m not seeing the PanelingTools error in your file. Do you possibly have another example that uses PanelingTools components?
You also need to “internalize” the surface in your GH definition.
I put together a quick example for you. Not sure if that is what you need thought. I hope it gets you started

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that is exactly what I needed! I knew I was missing something! thank you.