How to combine / merge mesh UV's

I want to combine uv’s of a mesh as to create something like this

I attach bake mesh and small python node to extract the current mesh uv’s

I’ve include PreviewMat of plugin Human to visualize it (place texture in same saved location as gh file). I tried the same plugin’s ‘custom mapping’ but to no avail. Any thoughts?

strips (381.8 KB)

maybe this one is easier to illustrate this issue. I want to create a nice blend between these first 2 meshes. The 3rd I try to combine the colors, but obviously this is not the result i desire. Nout sure what’s happening, (383.7 KB)

Here’s a thought. And nothing more than that. And Probably not quite what you were looking for.
mesh_uvs_01 (388.8 KB)

Hi, yeah that’s how I started, but I want to control the ‘tweened’ effect. Next to spray I tested with pull curve to vertices, but in the end I can get nice control with addon ‘tweener’, how ever this mesh only export in U direction. When I try to blend the saved image of both mesh in photoshop the effect is much nicer (here with ‘multiply’)
i’ve managed to create a mesh shader to recreate this blend, but the use of glsl is somewhat problematic and buggy, for one I need to create a bitmap first and then load it. So ideally i do it with native components or python / C#, so seems this is not possible ??

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