Create Mesh

how to create a Mesh like picture 2 with grasshopper, when I do it, it looks like picture 1, someone guide me, many thanks

Here’s a way to do this with just Grasshopper components: (18.3 KB)

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tks very much

really short, thank you so much

May I ask why this is in the code:

What plugin is that?

Hope this helps: (10.5 KB)

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Or you can create brep surfaces following desired shape, and turn it into mesh after.

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What command do you use to turn it into a grid?
Can you give me a specific guide to what you mean?

It is under curve category so I thought this was a native.
But if not, maybe …I guess it comes from Curve Plus.

there is a million ways to make a brep like this.
In this case I make 6 surfaces from closed polyline using boundary surfaces. After that, simple mesh, and weld mesh vertices(mesh+, if I remember correctly. must have plugin) (10.3 KB)

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exactly what i needed, thank you so much

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Here’s a simple GHPython solution using the RhinoCommon mesh class. One really should avoid hacky brep/surface-based workarounds for cases such as this. (8.3 KB)


Where can I learn python online to do this? Thank you

What is wrong with my solution? I think it’s all based on context. If he is trying to understand general principles and solve a real problem, it will work just fine.

Since you asked, a couple of things that immediately spring to mind:

  1. It’s a needlessly complex and indirect hack/kludge to a problem that has a simple direct solution.

  2. It doesn’t work with nonplanar polygons.

  3. It requires third party plugins.

  4. It requires a plane input.

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  1. Programming on python is not a simple solution.
    2,4 is about surface creation, you can change it easily to match your needs. Grasshopper has a lot more tools to work with nurbs geometry, that you can turn into mesh afterwards.
    Imo when you are doing a real job you do not have the time to use neither the most beautiful solution, nor the one you do not fully understand.

Yep, it is Curve+.


Now I think of it, actually this component is really powerful, it can turn any polygon into quads.