How can I: Merge overlapping Meshes (and Polysurfaces too)?

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is safe.

I’m trying to combine overlapping (planar) surfaces, to create a single geometry. I tried using MeshUnion - didn’t help. I tried creating a MeshIntersect geometry and then subtracting (Mesh Difference) it from the larger surface, didn’t work either.

Can someone guide me how I can solve this? Also, can I do the same for Polysurfaces too?


  1. The White Arctic View: This is what I wish to achieve. Single geometry.

2. Unbaked GH output: This is where I’m stuck. The overlapping area can be seen “Glitchy”

Merge (27.3 KB)
3. I’ve attached the file for reference.



Have you tried Mesh Join? it works since the result is a single mesh. However, from the topological point of view it’s not an interesting mesh.
You can not do it with polysurfaces.

This could be a workaround.

Merge (32.1 KB)

Thank you for responding Mahan. I do get a single mesh output when I view it in the Params Viewer/Panel. But I still see the glitchy mesh in the preview.

I tried baking it, I did get a single mesh. But the overlapped area is kind of messed up. (As you mentioned) Interestingly, it does solve the problem in my case.