How to close surface properly

i created an object with twist and flow along curve.
and in the end its not closed Properly.
this is a surface.
how can i closed it?

please help.:confused:

You could try matching the surface or splitting it at the two points highlighted and then blending/lofting the surfaces

This looks like where I would use ‘joinedge’ and I know Pascal doesn’t like that.

Hi Al - it looks at least possible that MatchSrf - for tangency, probably - may fix it.


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thanks everyone for the help! :grinning:
2DCube, thank you for the explanation.
it is working fine now.


hi 2dcube
how can i split at the two highliphted lines?

You can either use ExtractIsocurve (toggle) and Split or right click on the Split icon:

For that to work you may need to explode some of your model - make sure you have the knot object snap on too.


thanks! :slight_smile: