How to close all panels with a command



Why no command for this?
I just want a quick way to hide and then re-open all my set panels.
Now it’s 2 mouse clicks to close all my panels,
I can then use Layer command to get them back on.
I think there should be panel commands but I couldn’t find any in help.

I did read the topics listed here but fullscreen doesn’t work because I only want to hide the panels and not my left associated toolbars and I just want to bring them back I have them docked on the right side.
Maybe there is a vb or python script?

(Pelle) #2

You can write a little alias with the -fullscreen command.
See options for -fullscreen in rhino help.

For toolbars, I believe


Or something similar should work.


Thanks but I’m aware of these workarounds as I hinted at in my posting.
I find them inadequate because…
Fullscreen doesn’t allow or have an option for the left hand menus to show. Maybe it’s there buried in the settings?
The toolbar macro would only work if know which toolbar I want to hide. Depending on what I am doing I might have environments open or not or the mesh tools open or not, the above macro you posted doesn’t work unless you always have the same toolbars in the panel. If you select other toolbars not in the macro the toolbars macro won’t close the panels only the toolbar on the panel.

A simple command added by rma of close panels open panels and maybe some python or vbscript methods to iron this out surely this can’t be too hard to add?
The other only way I can think is to use Vb or a long macro that closes all panel toolbars.


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Hi RM - this is on the pile from previous - I added a ‘reinforcement’ link to this thread:



Thanks Pascal