Disable all toobars for all intances for ever

This command must be run at every launch
! _-Toolbar _Collection _CloseAll

And results in:



How do you enter a return keystoke in the macro?

Or better yet, how do you just permanently disable toolbars?

If it were possible to keep one toolbar on the LHS without the strip beneath the command line, I ould be happy with that.

And is there a macro way to toggle the RHS Layers, options etc panel to hide/unhide?

! _-Toolbar _Collection _CloseAll _Enter _Enter


Aaah… I had the _Enter on the next two lines… Easy when you know how

And a keystroke macro to hide/unhide the entire panel on the RHS? possible?

Hi - have you looked at the FullScreen command?

Thank you for that suggestion. Yes I saw that, but I definitely dont want it full screen )

I notice:

Command-line options
ShowLayer Controls the visibility of the Layer panel and any other panels docked with it.

But this command doesnt seem to work (