How to change pdf print setup template?

Hi @hufferty its not the pdf editor that is the problem! It is that Rhino always reverts back to inch setting when changed to mm and then restarted… Rhino does not remember that I only use mm!

Okay, got it! :smile:

@stevebaer The issue is back!!! Every time I export as pdf it reverts back to inches, very annoying!
I am on the latest version Version 7 SR15 (7.15.22011.7001, 2022-01-11)

Sorry but I was not clear enough! The issue is present when I choose to export the selected crv´s as pdf! In the File - Print it still works!

@stevebaer @brian This issue is back again! Every time I reopen the pdf print dialog it has reverted back to inch, its driving me nuts! Please, why is that?

Are you performing Save, Export or Print to create a PDF? What PDF printer are you using?


@stevebaer Hi Steve! And sorry that I did not supplied all the info! When I select print to pdf with Rhino pdf it works (not reverting back to inches when closing and reopen RH) but when “export selected” and “Save as” (pdf) it reverts back to inches (after closed and reopened RH). Thank you for your reply by the way:-)