Print Options don't remember paper units (always inch)

As reported on the italian discourse

I would like to know if there’s a chance to fix the “on paper” units.
I work with metric units and each time I open Rhino and try to print something, the “on paper” units are setted to inch.
In the default schema, when I select mm, the key “paper_unit_system” is setted to “2” value (that I assume is mm) but when I open Rhino 6.0 and print, the paper units turn back to inch (if I close Rhino without setting the “on paper” to “mm” the key in the schema is saved as "8 ").
I assume that there’s something that overrides the schema’s key when Rhino is opening…
Thanks for your attention.

Look here Templates

Thanks for the suggestion Fred but the template didn’t solved the problem (it was one of the first things I’ve checked a lot of time ago).
All the units are ok… both on model and layout… but the “on paper” always turn back in inches.

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@Fred_C I saw you posting this too in a thread 13 days ago but IMO this does not solve the fact that in print settings it always reverts to inches. Please post a template here to prove us wrong.

@Gijs @lucio_zadra
OK, my mistake, sorry. Set/save as template does NOT solve the paper units=inches problem.


too bad, I hoped to be wrong :wink: