How to change Karamba units after installation

Hi all. I just have installed karamba and as preference I choose Imperial units. Now I want to switch to SI units. Does anybody know how to change the preference without reinstalling karamba?

Hi @mahanmotamedi1991

you can change the units by editing the karamba.ini file located in the Karamba folder in the Rhino Plugins folder. There should also be a shortcut on your desktop to this folder if you installed Karamba with the default settings.

Simply place the # in front of the unitsystem that you want to disable: (Units are set to SI below)
UnitsSytem = “SI”
#UnitsSytem = “imperial”

You might need to copy this ini file to your desktop first and then copy it back to the folder as Windows sometimes does not allow you to override it simply.


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Thanks Matthew.
problem solved.


Is there a way to do this on mac yet? I’m having trouble finding the .ini file as I installed karamba through the package manager.

Please advise!

Hi, you can change the units using the Settings component. Please see Karamba3D Tidbits #17 - Settings Component on Vimeo

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