Arrow keys in the command line

I have a noob question, I’m a hobbyist using Rhino for around a year now. I have somehow inadvertently locked my arrow keys such that they no longer allow me to move the cursor on the command line when I’m typing in a command. The left/right arrows open a command list; right scrolls down, left scrolls up the list. And up/down nudges the view. I am (almost) certain I used to be able to use the left/right keys to move the cursor while I was editing a command in the command line. It seems now my only choice is to use Backspace, or the mouse to move my cursor. I’m also sure it isn’t Scroll Lock or Insert (for instance, while editing this post, everything behaves as expected). I have looked at the Nudge settings, and it doesn’t appear to be any settings I can find there. But I’m not sure what all my options are there, perhaps I missed something. I have restarted and rebooted, with no change. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Dan -

I don’t think that was ever possible.