How to build a model

(Gohxiaochin) #1

Hello? is there anyone know how to build a model like in the picture below?


Draw a bottom curve, draw a top curve, loft, cap, done.

(Gohxiaochin) #3

how about if i make a box first? how can i change the flat surface into curve surface?


This is the last approach I’d take.
Build a box, explode it, rebuild surface with x>5 control points, join surfaces again, turn control points on, start dragging them to get the shape you want.
This is far less precise method.

(Gohxiaochin) #5

ok.thank you. will try for it.


yes build a box, and maybe try ‘CageEdit’ command, add more points, push and pull points as needed, then explode, delete top and bottom, its a bit dirty but may get you to what you need :slight_smile:

edit- if you want to keep it a box no need to explode and delete top & bottom