How to "bend" a developable surface?

I have the surface of the sample which is developable. I want to unroll this surface and then I want to transform the planar surface back to the original shape. How could I do this?

SAMPLE.3dm (36.1 KB)

This can be done with the command FlowAlongSurface

SAMPLE.3dm (95.1 KB)

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Retain the original developable surface when you Unroll the surface.

Copy the unrolled surface using the Inplace option,

Modify one copy of the unrolled surface as desired.

Use FlowAlongSrf to flow the modified surface along the original developable surface, using the unmodified unrolled surface as the base surface and the original developable surface as the target surface. if the original surface was rational use PreserveStructure=No option in FlowAlongSrf. The flowed surface will be non-rational.

Thanks for the answers.
I have now a curve on the original surface and I use the unroll command in order to get the curve on a planar surface. Using the command Flowallongsrf the curve does not get its original shape. How to deal with it?

Hi Bill -please post a file with the objects you are asking about.


Here is the file.

SAMPLE.3dm (62.2 KB)

Try using UnrollSrfUV (instead of UnrollSrf) to obtain the unrolled surface.

My testing with your example using UnrollSrfUV results in a maximum deviation of the flowed curve from the original curve of 0.000992814. In comparison when UnrollSrf is used the maximum deviation is 0.185801. The unrolled surface from UnrollSrfUV has many more control points than the unrolled surface from UnrollSrf.

Thank you. The unrollsrfUV works for me.