How to assign/activate a 2nd UV map?

As you see here I’ve imported the textured model as *.obj (this is only a test for the pipeline, also lowpoly never mind)
There are 2 issues in Rhino:

  1. the mesh portion is originally connected - Rhino splits it into 2 halves

  2. most important is that as you see for the Rhino model/mesh it’s only showing up the texture for one half, actually there are two different UV-maps for each side. How can I activate both UV maps and show the textures? Or is that not possible in Rhino and I rather split in Modo and treat them as different meshes? (as it is already split due to import).

Hope this is described clearly. Thanks a lot for your help! (This is a bit urgent :slight_smile:)


Can you post the mesh and the texture maps? Maybe the texture isn’t applied to the material used on the other side but I’m guessing without seeing the file. All textures should be able to use each objects UVs at the same time and display in the view Assuming those objects have materials with textures in them to use those UVs.