Rhinoceros UV maps multiple meshes in FBX

Hello, I want to show you something strange:

This model I made consists of two parts, two separated meshes. (Unwrapped). That’s because I need separated paint “parts” in 3D coat. And in in 3D coat I usually merge the two UV’s in one.

If I import directly Rhino’s FBX in 3D coat, I always have this situation: Only one of the two meshes has readable UVs. (no UV). I tried this with other (simple) meshes as well with the same result. The second mesh UVs are not being “understood” by 3D coat.

BUT… If I import this FBX in Blender, select each mesh “part”, go to edit mode and then go in the UV Editor, everything is as it should be: I have my two separated meshes with their respective UV mapping.

If I import Rhino’s FBX in Blender and ,without doing anything, I export it again as FBX, then import it in 3D coat… each mesh has it’s respective UV. (All is well)

Could it be something related to the way Rhinoceros is naming the two UV sets? I share here the two FBXs (the one exported by Rhino and the one re-exported by Blender) so that you can ,eventually, compare them and find out what’s the difference and what’s going on.

Rhino’s.fbx (348.2 KB)

Blender’s.fbx (482.4 KB)