How to apply a triangular load in Karamba

Hi! I’m trying to analyse a frame of Curtain Wall with Karamba and I have a question about loads.
Generally the wind load is represented as a trapezoidal load when it is applied to the mullion and as a triangular load when applied to the transom. (Figure 1)
I’m a beginner in Karamba and I’m not sure how to set loads other than rectangular.
I read throught Karamba’s manual, but it is not specified.

It’s possible?? Any suggestions?

Dear Sonia Ruta,
at the moment (Karamba3D 1.3.1) there are only constant loads available for beams.
As a workaround you could split the beams in small pieces and approximate the linear change using constant loads on these

Is it possible today to apply trapezoidal or triangular loading on a beam in kN / m and if so how?

Is it possible to apply a load on a polybar segment only in Karamba?

hello ,

To my knowledge it is not possible, for this kind of case I use loads by points, and I define a relation on grasshooper to have a variable value along the beam… (boring…)

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Hi @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,

it is not possible to do this in Karamba3D. As clemens suggested, you can split your beam into smaller segments and apply the loads as point loads.

What do you mean when you write polybar?

A polybar is a base beam made up of several bars which all have the same identifier and which form only one piece

If you set an unique Element ID to these beams, then you can apply a lineload to just these elements