Wind load with mesh

Hi All, I’m doing a structural analysis for a module of curtain wall. When I define the wind load I need to impost a triangular on the horizontal beams and trapezoidal load on the vertical beams. As I could see in YouTube examples, I have to use a mesh (orientation “local to mesh”) to define a wind load, but when I use this command I can’t get the particular trend.I defined a mesh for each area of the facade module, and I specified each ElementID. The trend I get is like the figure, and is not correct. There is a way to do this?


Hi Sonia Ruta,
at the moment (Karamba3D 1.3.1.) mesh-loads are transformed into uniform line loads. In order to get a more correct distribution of loads try to subdivide the beams.

In case this does not help: Is it possible that you send over the GH-definition or a simplified version of it? This would make it easier to see what’s the problem.

Hi Clemens!
Thank you for your answer.
I attach the GH-definition. I tried to subdivide the beams as your suggestion, but I not get a correct distibuition. The result of max stress that I obtain is bigger than the ones I should have.
Would you have any advice to give me to better distribute the wind load?
Thanks! (293.8 KB)

Hi Soni,
your definition is very large and complex. Could you please reduce it to the essential parts where the MeshLoad is applied? This would make it much easier to spot the problem.